Best Home Office Desk in 2021: Reviews with Comparisons

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If there’s one thing your home office can’t do without, it’s a suitable office desk. Your desk will support all of your work equipment, such as your computer or laptop, your notepads, files, folders, organizers, and more.

Unfortunately, as with many other things these days, finding a good home office desk is not easy, especially since there are so many brands and models are out there. However, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best home office desks so that you can easily find the right one for you.

Comparison Chart

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SHW Home Office 55-Inch Large Computer Desk, Espresso
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CubiCubi Computer Desk 32″ Study Writing Table for Home Office, Modern Simple Style PC Desk, Black Metal Frame, Black
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Signature Design by Ashley Baraga 61″ L-Shaped Home Office Desk
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Walker Edison Ellis Modern Glass Top L Shaped Corner Gaming Desk with Computer Keyboard Tray, 51 Inch, Black
315NimEfnPL. SL500
HON BL Laminate Series Office Desk Shell – Rectangular Desk Shell, 60″W, Espresso (HBL2103)

Best Home Office Desk Reviews

SHW 55-Inch Home Office Desk

41jQqAYU5LL. SL500

Starting off this list, we have this home office desk from SHW, which is perfect for those looking for something simple and large. It has plenty of space for you to store your belongings, and it comes in four different colors, so you can find one that matches your office decor or your personal taste.


This spacious SHW home office desk, which comes from the brand’s Art Work Collectible Series, can help you transform your home office into an adaptable, active workspace and maximize your productivity, efficiency, and motivation. It is a special series that offers various desk designs, from a standard rectangular table to L-shaped tables and more.

The workspace is finished with one of four colors, Espresso, Cherry, Grey, and Oak, so you can find one that perfectly matches your preference and workspace. In addition, the steel frame features a nickel silver finish to give the table an air of sophistication that is hard to find in most office desks these days.

The top of the desk has up to three grommets that can help with your cable management. You can run the cables through the holes to organize them, making your desk look tidier. In addition, the adjustable leg glides can make the desk stay level on just about any kind of surface.

The desk is finished with a powder coating to better resist damage, like scratches, scuffs, and cracks. This will keep the surface looking attractive. The assembly process is easy, and it shouldn’t take you more than 10-15 minutes to have the desk fully set up and ready to use.

The Good

One of the best things about this desk is that it is available in four different colors. As we have already mentioned, this range allows you to choose a color that best suits your home office space without clashing with your other decor. Each surface color also comes with a complementary leg color.

Another benefit to the SHW home office desk is the grommets used to manage your cables. This can be especially useful if your workstation also doubles as your gaming setup, as you’ll be able to organize the cables on your gaming PC with ease; you won’t have to purchase additional cable management equipment.

Finally, we appreciate the adjustable glides, as they are used to stabilize and balance the desk. They are instrumental if your home office floor is not even since you can adjust the glides to ensure that each corner of the legs is flat on the floor to prevent shaking and wobbling.

The Bad

Unfortunately, this desk does not perform well in the durability department. Several buyers have reported that, just after a few weeks of consistent use with heavy items placed on the desktop, they noticed cracking and scratching. If you are primarily using this desk with your laptop and some paperwork, this shouldn’t be a problem. However, we wouldn’t recommend trying to balance an entire PC on it, or you could risk damaging it.


  • Spacious desktop
  • Available in four colors
  • Adjustable gliders
  • Cable management grommets
  • Powder-coated finish


A bit pricey

CubiCubi 32-Inch Computer Desk

41jhXV1CT1L. SL500

Next on the list is this sturdy computer desk from CubiCubi. It is one of the top-rated office desks out there for a good reason. While it’s not the largest table out there, it is the perfect size for any home office.


The CubCubi computer desk boasts iron struts and a metal frame, which means that it is not only a great minimalist addition to your home office, but it is also a sturdy choice. In addition, it comes with a storage box that attaches to the desk’s left side for even more convenience; on the opposite side is a hook that can be used to hang headphones or even another box if you want.

Like the previous desk we reviewed, the CubiCubi desk is available in several different colors, including walnut, white, black, and dark rustic. This means that you can easily match it to your own personal taste and the style of your home. It is also available in different sizes, ranging from 32 inches to 63 inches in length.

This desk features a modern design that will suit just about any home office, and it is designed to fulfill various purposes. First, it can serve as a fantastic addition to your home office, bedroom, study room, or living room. Second, the solid metal frame and triangle strut ensure that it remains stable while using it to work.

The CubiCubi desk also comes with adjustable leg pads so that you can enjoy even more stability. The assembly is quite simple and will only take about ten minutes if you follow the included instruction manual. The accessories are well-organized are packed on top so you can quickly access them while setting the desk up.

The Good

The great thing about this desk is its minimalistic design, which lends itself to versatility. Of course, it will work perfectly in your home office and not look out of place at all, but it will also suit your living room, bedroom, home library, or even outdoor dining and picnic area.

We also appreciate the fact that it comes with several additional accessories. For example, the box on the side is great for your files and folders to store your paperwork. Also, the extra hook is great for hanging things like an additional storage box and even a pair of headphones, which contributes to the desk’s overall convenience factor.

Finally, the reliable MDF board on the surface gives the desk both a solid structure and a beautiful appearance. In addition, the rigid metal frame makes this desk extremely stable, so you won’t have to worry about damage.

The Bad

Unfortunately, several buyers reported that their desk arrived slightly damaged or manufactured incorrectly, making the otherwise straightforward assembly process quite difficult. The problem is not with the instruction manual, which is perfectly clear and easy to follow; some buyers simply received a defective product, which made assembly much more difficult than necessary or sometimes not possible at all.


  • Sturdy iron struts and metal frame
  • Useful auxiliary accessories
  • Minimalist design
  • Available in many colors
  • Various sizes available


On the smaller side

Signature Design by Ashley Baraga 61-Inch L-Shaped Office Desk

314QD4otEkL. SL500

This L-shaped desk from Signature Design by Ashley is a highly modern addition to any home office space. It boasts a stylish, unique appearance that can elevate the feel of any room to be more sophisticated while also saving you space by sitting in the corner of the room. This is an excellent option for anyone who needs as much workspace as possible.


This desk boasts an ultra-modern design thanks to its sleek form factor and white powdered finish, making it a fantastic addition to any contemporary home office. Since it is L-shaped, you can place it in the corner of your office or other room to maximize space while still having plenty of surface area to work with your essentials, such as a computer or laptop and paperwork.

The desk is made from metal and glass, with a tempered glass clear tabletop that makes it very attractive to look at. Whether you are left or right-handed, this desk from Signature Design by Ashley has various setups, so you can determine the appropriate angle and table space you need to work comfortably.

Not only is there plenty of space on the table’s surface, but there is also lots of space underneath, so you can fit your large desk chair under the table. You can easily slide around from one side of the table to the other thanks to the support legs’ strategic placement, making the table extremely sturdy even on soft or uneven surfaces.

Of course, you don’t have to place this desk in the corner of your room just because it is L-shaped. It will look great placed against one wall or even near the center of the room if you are looking to make a statement. Its minimalistic design lends itself nicely to a wide variety of styles and applications while providing a modern edge to your home office.

The Good

One of the best features of the Signature Design by Ashley L-shaped office desk is its appearance. It is incredibly sleek and modern, and its minimalistic design makes it highly versatile in terms of styling and aesthetic. In addition, you won’t have to worry about it looking out of place in a room, as it is very low-profile and unobtrusive.

It has one of the largest surface areas of all the desks on this list due to its shape. You are essentially getting two desks here, and you’ll have plenty of room to place all of your work or gaming equipment on the desk and still have space to spare. Its design also makes it great for placing other storage components beneath and around it, such as drawers and organizers.

We appreciate the fact that the assembly process is quite simple and straightforward. It shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to have the desk assembled, and you receive all of the tools, hardware, and instructions to make the installation process as easy as possible.

The Bad

Unfortunately, because the surface of the table is made from glass, it is pretty fragile. So you’ll want to exercise caution when assembling and using this desk. If you don’t, you could risk cracking or even shattering the surface.


  • Ultra-modern design
  • Plenty of workspace
  • Versatile
  • Plenty of space underneath
  • Stylish


Fragile glass

Walker Edison Ellis Glass Top L-Shaped Desk

51FmSqNfjfL. SL500

While this L-shaped desk from Walker Edison is explicitly designed for gaming, that’s not all it can be used for. It can be a fantastic option for your home office, as well, due to its sleek design and ample surface area. It is an excellent premium option for anyone looking to elevate their home office.


This Walker Edison office desk features a premium design and a glass top for you to work on. It is L-shaped and measures 51 inches in length, meaning you’ll have more than enough room to do your essential work while still having some space. In addition, the desk features a keyboard tray; you can slide it in and out from under the desk, adding to its functionality and stylish design.

The glass top is made from tempered safety glass, so if you accidentally crack or shatter it, you won’t hurt yourself. This desk actually comes as two separate desks that you can join together to create one long, L-shaped desk to work on. This makes it one of the most versatile desks on this list by far.

The keyboard stand can support up to 10 pounds, so not only will you be able to place your keyboard on it, but you can also lean on it from time to time. Just be careful not to put your entire weight on the tray, or you might break it.

This is one of the most stable desks on this list due to the design of its legs. It has four L-shaped legs, as well as beams connecting each of the legs for added stability and sturdiness, so you won’t have to worry about the desk wobbling or shaking when you are trying to work. In addition, the two side surfaces can support 50 pounds each, while the corner top surface can support 20 pounds, which makes it an excellent spot for you to place your PC or speaker set.

The Good

A great feature about this Walker Edison desk is the variety. You can choose from four different colors to match your home office or gaming room. There are also several styles, namely Imperial, Soreno, X-Frame, Stanford, and Alexa Curved. This allows you to pick the perfect desk to match your personal taste and the style of your home office.

We’re also a big fan of the keyboard tray that comes with this desk. It is the perfect place to store your keyboard and save you even more space on the desk’s surface to be used for your other working or gaming equipment. In addition, the tray can be slid in and out from beneath the table, which saves you even more space.

This Walker Edison desk is also one of the most stable desks due to its various legs and beams. Despite having all of these legs, there is still plenty of legroom underneath the table.

The Bad

The one major gripe we have with this desk is that, while the keyboard tray is the perfect size to fit a large keyboard, you will not be able to fit your mouse on it, as well. Unfortunately, this means that your mouse and keyboard will live separately for as long as you use this desk. This is a minor inconvenience, but it is worth mentioning.


  • Plenty of workspace
  • Sliding keyboard tray
  • Very stable
  • Various styles
  • The tempered safety glass surface


Cannot fit mouse onto keyboard tray

HON BL Laminate Series Office Desk Shell

315NimEfnPL. SL500

Finally, we have the HON BL Laminate Series office desk shell, which is perhaps the most straightforward office desk on this list. It is an excellent option for those who are not looking for anything flashy or fancy from their office desk and just want a sturdy, reliable space to work on that has a lot of room for storing work equipment.


The HON BL is a durable option for any work environment, and it can be a great addition to your workspace if you are looking for something simple yet effective. The laminated top can withstand heavy loads and plenty of activity, so you can move the desk around as much as you want without worrying about scratches, stains, or spills. In addition, it is easy to clean, not requiring any additional cleaning products to do so.

The metal-to-metal fastening system used on this office desk allows you to easily combine it with another shell to create an L-shaped workstation to provide you with even more space to work on. This makes it an extremely versatile option for any home office.

The simplistic design of this desk means that it can match just about any decorating style out there, and it is available in three different colors for you to choose from. These colors are Espresso, Mahogany, and Medium Cherry. Each boasts a beautiful, vibrant color that can either make the table stand out in your home office or help it blend in seamlessly.

The HON BL desk also happens to be one of the most affordable home office desks out there, making it perfect for those working on a budget and who don’t want to break the bank. It offers excellence without the bloated price tag, so you can stretch your furniture budget further.

The Good

We have to give the HON BL desk credit for its simplicity. So many manufacturers and brands these days try to make their desks stand out by making them the flashiest, with the most features and most exciting designs. However, we feel that simplicity can often be far more effective. This is especially true if you work in a more minimalist office space.

Another benefit is its assembly process, which is very easy thanks to how simple the desk is. You can have the table set up in just five minutes if you follow the instruction manual, making it a great option for those who want to get right to work.

Finally, we have to highlight affordability once again. You probably won’t find an office desk out there for such a budget-friendly price. So if you are looking to save as much money as possible or just don’t feel the need to splurge on something as simple as an office desk, this is a fantastic choice.

The Bad

Unfortunately, while the HON BL desk does have holes for cable management, the caps on them pop off at even the slightest movement of your cables. While this is just a minor inconvenience, it needs to be mentioned.


  • Very durable
  • Extremely simple design
  • Three colors available
  • High stability
  • Budget-friendly


Cable management hole caps pop off

Buyer’s Guide

Before buying any product, you should always consider the main components that make it a good option or not. For example, here is what you should look at with a home office desk.

Type of Desk

As you probably already know, there are several different types of home office desks that are suitable for various applications. Let’s take a look at them.

Wall-Mounted Desk

These desks are generally kept in place by brackets. Some models will ‘float’ in place and will not have anything beneath them, while others will feature legs for increased support. If you are looking for more space when you aren’t working, you can purchase a foldable wall-mounted desk.

Corner Desk

Purchasing a corner desk can be a good idea if you work in a room with an awkward shape. Corner desks are generally more expensive, but they can help save space in your workspace.

Computer Desk

These desks are designed to support the weight of a PC or laptop. In addition, many computer desks come with a tray for your keyboard and shelving capable of accommodating a PC tower or home office printer.


You’ll want your home office desk to be ergonomically designed so that you can maintain a healthy posture while working and so that your muscles don’t become fatigued after working for long periods.


While it’s not a necessity, you will probably want your home office desk to match your home’s decor. The desks that we have listed here are available in various colors and styles, so you can find one to match your home office style, as well as your own personal taste.

Flexibility and Adjustability

Many home office desks come with several adjustability features that can help you make them more stable and allow you to customize them to your liking. For example, some will have features to adjust the height, while others can be reconfigured into an entirely new shape.

Storage Options               

If you anticipate having many files, folders, or paperwork to store, we recommend purchasing a home office desk with at least one storage feature. Some will come with drawers underneath the surface, while others have boxes and hooks for you to store your headphones.


What is the Best Way to Sit at a Desk All Day?

If you are sitting at your desk for extended periods, you will want to make sure that your back has plenty of support, your feet are resting flat on the floor, your screen is at eye-level, your keyboard is directly in front of you, and all of the objects on your desk are easy to reach.

What Makes a Desk Ergonomic?

An ergonomic desk will have plenty of room underneath it for your knees, and it will also be adjustable. For example, if it is too low, you can make it higher, and vice versa.

What is the Standard Office Desk Height?

A standard office desk will be between 28 inches and 30 inches tall.

The Best Way to Clean an Office Desk

The best way to clean your office desk is to remove all the items from the surface or move them to the side while you clean. You should then use disinfectant wipes to clean the surface thoroughly. Finally, wait for the cleaning solution to dry before placing your items back on the desk.

How to Make Your Office Desk More Comfortable

One of the best ways to make your office desk more comfortable is to choose the right chair. A comfortable chair will, by extension, make your desk more comfortable to work at.


There you have our complete list of some of the best home office desks out there. An office desk is a crucial component of your home office, and no home office can do without one. We hope that we were able to help you find your new favorite desk.

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